Nudura XR35

Nudura XR35 products.

Nudura XR35 products provide the optimal solution for homeowners, builders, developers, and architects who are looking to create better net-zero buildings that offer higher thermal performance and overall energy efficiency.

Nudura XR5 Product

Why choose Nudura XR35 products?

Thanks to its 4″ EPS panels, standard form core (available in 6″ and 8″), and 90-degree corner form, the Nudura XR35 is able to provide a much higher R-value when compared to other types of insulated concrete forms. The Nudura XR35 also features fastening strips that are located 5/8″ below the surface and 8″ on centre. These fastening strips come with a marked diamond pattern, which is specifically designed to make it quick and easy to fasten the interior and exterior finishes onsite.


  • 4″ EPS panels
  • Newly designed fastening strips
  • Insulation value up to R-35
  • Patented technology
  • Full line of ICF product accessories, from waterproof material to bracing
  • Access to full onsite technical support through a dedicated distributor network
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