Nudura ICF Series

Nudura ICF Series products.

No matter what kind of building project you are working on—residential, commercial, or industrial—the Nudura ICF Series provides a one-size-fits-all solution for speeding up the building process and reducing waste on the construction site.
Nudura ICF being installedWhy choose Nudura ICF Series products? All Nudura ICF Series products are designed using their patented DURAFOLD, DURAMAX, DURALOK Technology® and a 4-way reversible system for a range of different benefits—maximum energy efficiency, superior strength, lower overall maintenance costs, and healthier indoor living and working environments. Choosing to use Nudura ICF Series products also means know that your building will have better R-value and thermal performance when compared to stick or metal buildings.


  • Patented technology
  • Standard form sizes from 4″-12″
  • Factory—custom cut radius forms
  • Nudura panels for building versatility
  • R-value of 24 with thermal mass properties of up to R-50
  • Full line of ICF product accessories, from waterproof material to bracing
  • Access to full onsite technical support through a dedicated distributor network
large home construction using ICF
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