Due to Covid-19 all of our installation courses will be offered online until further notice.

NUDURA Online Training Course
NUDURA is offering their online training course for Free.
Create an account and register here to get started: https://nudura.com/training-academy/online-course/
(Module 1 will take you to the registration form)


We will follow the Nudura Installation Manual and cover these sections through six self-paced modules:

• Introduction to Nudura integrated building technology
• Getting started, plan requirements, building codes
• Tools
• Site preparation & delivery
• Nudura products
• Installation procedures
• Footings
• First and second-course placement
• Additional course placement
• Openings, installation of door and window bucks
• Lintel design and use of tables
• Wall alignment and scaffolding system
• Reinforcing steel placement
• Concrete specifications and placement
• Damp-proofing/waterproofing
• Air/vapor barrier requirements
• Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical
• Interior & Exterior finishes